An Unexpected Twist Of Fate: A Stranger In The Elevator

This short story is the first of I hope many more. Please, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments box below, I would really appreciate knowing your comments about my first fictitious story. So, here we go!

It was a freezing winter morning in Toronto, you know the ones when you don’t want to go out and leave the comfort of your home. But I had to go to work. Monday mornings are always such a drag. You spend a nice weekend at home with your dog, relaxing and just enjoying doing nothing, thinking that you don’t want this to end. Ever.

Anyway, I was getting out of a cab to enter the building where I work and as usual, I was late. Thinking about the new presentation I was about to make, I rushed into the elevator, hoping I wasn’t going to miss my first meeting of the day with this very important client. If this deal goes through, it could mean a lot of money for my advertising firm.

Still lost in my thoughts, I didn’t really notice the tall man standing next to me. Some girl dropped her cell phone, it startled me, and when I raised my head to see what was going on, that’s when I saw him. He was wearing one of those expensive suits and had dark shoulder-length hair. It was a weird yet attractive combination.

Checking him out without being seen, I wasn’t sure if he was handsome or not, but he had something intriguing. That little something that makes a girl keep on looking against her will and that’s exactly what I was doing. I couldn’t bring myself to look away, and he finally turned his head towards me, looking at me with his piercing green eyes. I put down my eyes quickly with embarrassment and luckily, it was my turn to get out. I hurried out of the elevator.

My day went by like a flash, and I was walking towards the elevator when I realized that the man of that morning was suddenly next to me. I looked at him rapidly and laughed nervously. I thought this was curious that he was on my floor since he didn’t get off with me that morning. I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

He said in a low sexy voice, “Hard day?”

I responded, “Not particularly! Long. Meetings after meetings.” I thought to myself that he was really tall.

“You work at the advertising agency down the floor?” he added.

“Yes, do you work in the building?” I asked

“As a matter of fact I do, I just started today,” he said with a little smile like it was supposed to be funny. “I am a lawyer at McMann, Turner, and Stephens.”

The elevator doors opened, and we got in. Like a true gentleman, he let me entered first and followed me closely. I could feel his eyes on my back, and it felt like an electrifying flash right through my spine. I could sense that he was as attracted to me as I was to him. The air seemed heavier than before, and we stood there side by side, waiting for the elevator to bring us to our destination. The building has only one main exit, so I knew he was getting out by the same exit that I was. We didn’t talk the whole ride down, and we kept staring at the door like our lives depended on it.

The elevator finally stopped, and we got off. The building’s lobby was full of people rushing out, and I stepped out to find myself swallowed by the crowd. I turn to see if my mystery man was still there, and he was nowhere to be seen. A little puzzled, I moved towards the exit, disappointed but anxious to get home.

Standing on the sidewalk, I hailed a cab and got inside the one that stopped before me. I kept thinking about that mystery man and our two encounters of this day. I wondered if I was ever going to see him again since he works in the same building as I do. But a lot of people work in that building, so I wasn’t sure of it at all.

We arrived in front of my apartment building. I paid the fair, and I got off of the cab. Still thinking about my mystery man (by then, that’s what I called him), I went up the stairs and got inside the building. I live on the second floor, so I decided to take the stairs.

When I arrived upstairs, I could hear from the hallway my dog Daisy, a 5-year-old brown Pomeranian girl, barking as if her life depended on it. She does that every night! Fortunately, we are allowed dogs in the building, I wouldn’t live here if we weren’t. I unlocked the door of my apartment and was greeted by a very happy and cheerful puppy.

As soon as I was in, I took off my shoes and headed towards the fridge for a glass of white wine. “Hey girl, did you have a good day?” Daisy was looking at me with a great big smile and tilted her head a bit as if she wanted to understand what I was saying. I gave her some food and went to sit on the couch to watch some TV. I ended up watching the news and Daisy came to sit with me on the couch. I wasn’t hungry, yet so I decided to wait a bit to make myself some dinner.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. I got up and went to see who it was, but the man had his back to the door so I couldn’t see who it was. I opened the door, and the man turned around.

“Hello, I am your new neighbor. My name is Dave, and I wanted to introduce myself. I just moved in the apartment next to yours” the man said with a smile.

I started laughing uncontrollably as I looked at the face of my new neighbor. I finally answered “Hi, my name is Veronica. I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Would you come in for a glass of wine or something?”

The man looked at me with disbelief and started laughing too. He responded, “Gladly!”

I moved to the side to let the man in, thinking to myself that it has been a very strange day, indeed. As it turned out, it was my mystery man of today. I couldn’t help but think that fate had a funny way of working things out after all. You meet a guy and think that you’ll never see him again, but find out later that that same mystery guy is your new neighbor. Now that’s what I call a very unexpected twist of fate!

To be continued…

Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass / Foter / CC BY


10 thoughts on “An Unexpected Twist Of Fate: A Stranger In The Elevator

Add yours

    1. Thanks a lot Bren!

      I am so happy that you like my first attempt at a fictitious story because I was very nervous about publishing it! I am actually considering developing the story some more. I’ll have to think about that!

      I am thinking about publishing it on Amazon later on. We’ll see! Very glad you took the time to read and comment, gf! Have a great week ahead! 🙂


    1. Hi Cori!

      I am so happy that you like it! After reading the comments you and Bren left me, I am seriously considering developing the story. You really make me feel proud of myself. It’s my first attempt at writing a story and I absolutely loved it! Can’t wait to write some more!

      Like I said to Bren, thanks for taking the time to read and comment! 🙂


    1. Hi Agatha and welcome! Yes, I plan to continue. Actually, I am going to add “To be continued…” at the bottom of my story.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, come back often! Have a great week ahead! 🙂


  1. Hi Nataly,

    That was wonderful indeed 🙂

    I think it’s your very first attempt at writing a short story, fiction – congratulation! I loved it and was literally glued till the end. I know Bren writes too. and now you too – lots of reading to catch up now!

    I can imagine the excitement and surprise to find the very same stranger turning out to be your friend, how nice! Indeed a lovely twist of fate.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂


    1. Hi Harleena!

      So nice of you to take the time to read my story. Yes, it’s my first attempt and I am really happy that you like it! I will be writing part 2 very soon, I hope you’ll continue to read me.

      Have a great week ahead too, dear! 🙂


  2. Ummmmm…..OMG!! Love this like crazy! Please right more and don’t make it longer than what it was. It was the perfect read. Very relaxing and nice to just do some recreational reading. My cheeks are hurting…I’m still smiling.

    I want more of this too. Definately do a “to be continued”.

    If I ever get 5 minutes of free time in the week, I so want to email you and touch base. I have some thoughts for ya girly. 🙂
    Talk to you soon. Stay pain free. Keep smiling. You are awesome. Thanks for your help today with my question about Blogher. I’m going to find you there and connect (if I ever get over this krud and feel better that is…lol)



    1. Hi Irish!

      I am really glad you liked it! I wasn’t going to do more at first, but everyone has been so nice, they talked me into it! I definitely will do a part 2 and maybe more… we’ll see!

      You’re welcome about BlogHer. Like I said on FB, if you need more help, don’t hesitate to ask. Please contact me whenever you want.

      Feel better soon! Thanks again for your kind words, talk to you soon! 🙂


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