Why Pets Make Us Happier And Emotionally Healthier (INFOGRAPHIC)

As many of you know, I am a pet lover, but I especially love dogs. My little girl, Myrka has a special way of comforting and calming me whenever I feel down, sick, anxious or tired. And I know that all pets have the power to do that to their humans.

The joy that we experience when we are coming home after a hard day’s work, and we are greeted at the door by our little friend is one of the pets’ wonderful abilities to make us feel better and can only be understood by pet owners.

How pets affect our well-being

It is actually proven that owning a pet can help with symptoms of depression. The unconditional love of a pet makes us feel love, warmth, and comfort which will lead to having a greater self-esteem. Also, owning a pet helps us be more social and more conscientious.

Moreover, when you own an animal, you tend to be more active, less introverted, less preoccupied as well as more fearless than non-owners. As a result, all of this brings us happiness, hence being physically and mentally healthier.

Did you know that petting an animal can lower your blood pressure as well as boosts “feel-good” hormones and neurotransmitters levels? They are THAT powerful!

Why pets make us happier

If you want to learn more ways that pets make us happier, check out this infographic below that I found on DesignTAXI. Created by Happify, this infographic is full of facts that will convince you that pets are excellent for us. So read on to discover all the amazing things that animals do that are good for us!

Click on infographic to enlarge

An infographic by the team at DesignTAXI

Over to you

If you are a pet owner, are you agreeing with these facts? Do you have other facts that you could think of? Please, share with us the joys of having a furbaby in your life. I know that Myrka brings me great joy!



7 thoughts on “Why Pets Make Us Happier And Emotionally Healthier (INFOGRAPHIC)

Add yours

    1. Hi Charlotte and welcome to my site!

      Glad you liked my post and the infographic You are so right when you say that pets give us so much. I really do love them! Thanks for pinning this! Have a great week ahead! 🙂


  1. Hi Nataly! This is so very true. I think back at my entire life and of course there has always been cats or dogs. They have always been my best friends and confidants and have helped me through trauma in my life. Animals just want to please and be loved and it is our job to love unconditionally and love back, not harm. I know if it hadn’t been for Titan, I would never had made it through the past 4 years if my life.
    Thanks for sharing this! Love it!


    1. Hi Bren! My thoughts exactly! Like you, I have been surrounded by dogs and cats since I was a little girl. Since I was an only child, my dog was my best friend and comforted me a lot when I was young. And as an adult, I kept on surrounding me with furbabies. I couldn’t live without them.

      I know that you share the love of animals with me. It shows when you talk about Titan. He’s such a sweetie! Hope you had a great Tuesday, gf! Talk to you soon! 🙂


  2. Hi Nataly!

    Thanks for sharing this infographic with us. I’ve always heard pets can be great for lowering blood pressure and helping those suffering with depression. I know when I’m feeling down I go cuddle with my furbabies and the silly things they do makes me smile :).

    Hope you’re having a great week so far hun!


    1. Hi Cori!

      I knew that you share the love of animals with me and that’s why I thought you’d like the infographic. Like you, when I’m feeling blue, I go cuddle with Myrka and I feel better right away. She has a way of looking at me that makes me feel so loved! It’s incredible!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Have a great week ahead, gf! 🙂


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