Declutter Your Home By Digitizing Your Most Valuable Items (VIDEO)

Spring is finally here so it’s time to clean your house. But cleaning doesn’t only mean washing windows, putting away winter clothes and cleaning out your wardrobes, it also means getting rid of things that you don’t use anymore.

What if you wanted to declutter your house of all those papers, photos, CDs and DVDs that take up so much space? Well, there is a way of doing this without throwing them away. It’s called digitizing. It will help you save a lot of physical space and it’s not as hard as you might think.

Digitizing your valuable items

Digitizing means that you can create digital copies of all your documents, pictures, music, movies, postcards, letters and drawings instead of having them piling up somewhere in your house and taking precious space that you could use for something else.

This is a great way of keeping those special belongings while making room for other things. All you need is a scanner, a flash drive, and a camera or a smartphone. Here is the video from Clean My Space that explains everything you need to know about digitizing your valuable items.

Clean My Space

Clean My Space is a Canadian website specialized in cleaning and decluttering tips as well as tricks for every room in your house or in your car. This is also a Toronto-based cleaning services company for home, condo, and office. To learn more about their services, click here.

Since 2011, Melissa Maker, host & co-creator, and Chad Reynolds, executive producer & co-creator, have made over 350 YouTube videos on how to keep your house clean and uncluttered.

The host, Melissa Maker, has made appearances on several TV shows and articles in magazines like Chatelaine, InStyle, The Huffington Post, Breakfast Television, CityLine and more. She has lots of experience in this matter and has built, over the years, a successful and trustworthy business.

My personal experience on digitizing

I actually began digitizing some of my personal items and I can tell you that it really did save me a lot of space. Since I own an iPhone, I don’t buy CDs anymore, I buy all my music on iTunes. I like it that all the music that I listen to is all in the same place and easier to access. An upside is that it’s a lot cheaper when you buy digital music than CDs.

I also now put all my pictures on Dropbox and keep a backup on my computer. Dropbox is a great way to store your pictures, documents and more. And everything that I put on it is immediately synced on all my devices. But there are other online storage services like iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and many more.

Over to you

What do you think of digitizing? Did you ever digitize your items? Do you find the video interesting and do you plan on including this into your spring cleaning rituals? Please, share with us in the comment box below!


4 thoughts on “Declutter Your Home By Digitizing Your Most Valuable Items (VIDEO)

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  1. Great post, Nataly! My husband keeps saying we need to digitalize all our photo’s and ditch the originals however I’m scared to do it. I don’t trust the digital world totally. I can see benefits to it because you won’t have photo albums sitting all around but what happens when your 80 plus years old and can use a computer. What then? Am I missing the big picture here or am I just old school? 🙂


    1. Hi Bren,

      Maybe you could start by digitizing your photos and keep the originals, but store them away somewhere. This way, you can look at them on your computer and still have your originals safe if something happens to your computer or flash drive.

      Honestly, I didn’t digitize my old family photos. I only digitize the pics that I use for my site and pics that I took with my iPhone. Like you, I would be afraid of losing forever my precious old photos. But I love digitizing music, documents, and movies. I save a lot of space this way.

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Hump Day, gf! 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing this gf. My daughter is the one in charge of our photos. We keep them on a flash drive. I’m like Bren, a little hesitant puttng stuff out there on a cloud. I know I’m old school but I need to get with the times 🙂

    Great post Nataly! Hope you’re having a great week so far hun!


    1. Hi Cori,

      Not everyone is comfortable with digitizing their stuff. It’s ok if you’re not into it! Like I said to Bren, my old family photos aren’t digitized because I would be afraid of losing them if something happened to my computer or my flash drive. But the ones that I take with my iPhone are saved on Dropbox and on my computer!

      Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you had a great Hump Day, gf! 🙂


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