Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season (INFOGRAPHIC)

Hi, gang! After a very much needed blogging break, I’m back to serve to you my weekly post. Since we’re near Christmas, I decided to talk about pet safety during the holidays. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Happy holidays!

The holiday season can be a very busy time, and we don’t always think about the fact that our pets can be stressed or at risk during that time. Pets are creatures of habit, and as you gear up for the holidays, it’s important to keep your pet’s eating and sleeping routine as normal as possible.

Don’t forget your pets during the holidays

Naturally, pet parents want to include their furbabies in the holidays festivities. But with all the things that we have to do this holiday season, buying and wrapping gifts, cooking, cleaning and prepping the house for guests, parties galore, can leave you little time to think about your furry friends’ safety.

But what can hurt your pets this holiday season?

However, many hazards can make your pets in danger during the holidays. Did you know that things like Christmas decorations and some of your favorite holidays foods can be harmful to your furchildren? Even the traditional poinsettia, holly or mistletoe, are not as harmless as you would think.

That’s why when I found this great infographic, created by PetCareRx, I thought it would make the perfect guideline that could help pet parents keep their four-legged friends safe and healthy this holiday season.

Pet safety for the holidays infographic

This infographic below includes 5 tips that will help you keep your pets happy and healthy during the holidays. Some of the items in here are not that obvious, and you could pass up very real dangers. So here is the list:

  • Tis the season for holiday parties
  • Holiday foods can be toxic to animals
  • Keep your decorations pet safe
  • Holiday plants can be poisonous to pets
  • Make a pet retreat

So start pet-proofing your house to make sure that you and your furbabies spend an amazing holiday season together. Just like us, pets deserve to have a great time during the holidays while staying safe and healthy.

Click on infographic to enlarge

Pet safety for the holidays infographic
An infographic by the team at PetCareRx

Over to you

Did you like the infographic? Are you more aware of the dangers that can jeopardize your furchildren’s safety? Please, share with us what you think and what you plan to do to ensure the safety of your pets during the holidays in the comment box below!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!



8 thoughts on “Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  1. Hi Nataly,

    This is a great infographic. My dogs are pretty good about staying away from the Christmas lights but they love trying to get their paws on a cookie or other dessert. 🙂

    I only learned that poinsiettas were harmful to our pets last year so I didn’t buy any this year. I got a lot from this one gf, thanks for sharing.



    1. Hi Cori,

      Myrka isn’t interested in the Christmas tree, lights and decorations at all. I guess she’s used to seeing them all over the house each year. It’s good that your dogs are such nice pups too! Except for the cookies and other deserts, hehe! 😉

      I didn’t know about the plants too! But I never bought them, so she wasn’t in any dangers. I’m glad that I know this now just in case I go to somebody’s house that has those.

      I’m glad you found the infographic useful, gf! TGIF! 🙂


  2. Hi Nataly and welcome back!

    It amazes me at how many people don’t give a hoot about their furchildren during the holidays. I’ve always been proactive year-round with injury prevention. Maybe a bit too much, but I don’t want my kids hurt! Sadly too many people feed the wrong table scraps to their dogs or allow them to get into mischief with Christmas decorations.

    I’m glad you shared this great infographic with us! I’ve passed it along!



    1. Hi Brenda and thanks for the warm welcome back wishes,

      Too many people still treat pets as if they were objects and not living beings. It’s really awful! I’m also very sensitive when it comes to the safety of Myrka. And just like you said, especially during the holidays with all the foods and Christmas decorations.

      Sometimes, I stumble across some videos on Facebook of cats or dogs playing in the Christmas tree or with Christmas lights, and it shocks me to see that they record the video and don’t do anything to prevent the accident. Pets can get truly hurt! Maybe it’s me who is too cautious, I don’t know!

      I’m glad you liked the infographic, hun. Thanks for sharing! TGIF! 🙂


  3. Hi Nat! : )

    I loved this infographic. Super helpful and educational. I am fortunate that both the dogs here have found a safe haven in my bedroom. Well, it’s actually now their bedroom size kennel and they are so nice that they share it with me. LOL

    I was wondering how the new dog would do for Christmas this year with the tree but she is not at all interested. That’s a good thing. I’ve had to learn what human foods and spices dogs can’t have because mine are spoiled and I am one of those kind of moms who shares. Thanks for the food reminder.

    Happy holidays doll.



    1. Hi Irish,

      It’s a good thing that your dogs have a safe place in your house. Myrka has the same place and just like your dogs, she’s also very nice to allow us to sleep in the same bed as her. LOL! I’m happy for you that your new baby behaves so great! Myrka has never been interested in the Christmas tree either. That’s a very good thing!

      I’m glad that you learned something new with this infographic. Actually, I didn’t know that poinsettias and mistletoes were dangerous for dogs.

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting, gf! Happy holidays to you too! 🙂


  4. Hi Nataly,

    I was invited several years ago to a pet friendly Thanksgiving dinner.

    There were several dogs around, and they were all given turkey. Thinking it was ok (and I wasn’t one to allow my dog to eat people food) because everyone else was doing it, I allowed my dog to eat it as well.

    The next day, his stomach was a mess. I had to take him to the vet, but needless to say, that was a mistake I wasn’t about to make again.

    I have no idea how the other dogs didn’t get sick…nor did I know this could be dangerous.

    This is a useful infographic that can help prevent a lot of unwanted and unnecessary complications.


    1. Hi Dana,

      OMG, this must have been a very traumatic experience for you! And poor furbaby! I’m also surprised that the other dogs didn’t get sick. I wrote a post last year about foods that are dangerous for dogs on Thanksgiving and turkey skin is the first on the list.

      Some people tend to humanize their dogs thinking that whatever is good for them is also good for their dogs. Well, even though they have a lot in common with us, dogs don’t digest all the same foods as us.

      I’m glad that you liked the infographic. Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂


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