Discover What Your Desk Says About You (INFOGRAPHIC)

Do you keep your desk at work clean and uncluttered or are you the type of worker that keeps their desk full of the latest tech gadgets? Apparently, the way we keep our desk says a lot about our personalities and our work styles.

Your desk actually says a lot!

Making an impression on others depends on a lot of factors. The way we dress, keep house, take care of ourselves are some of the things we use to judge one another. So if we are judged by the way we keep our houses, isn’t the way we keep our workplaces telling the same thing?

As a matter of fact, it’s not really different between workers. It seems that 57% of American workers admit to judging co-workers by how clean or how dirty their desks are.

And considering the fact that 90% think that clutter has a negative impact on their work, it’s no surprise that if your workplace is messy, they think that your work is messy too.

The 6 types of workers, according to their desks

The marketing software company Marketo has created this infographic where they explain the 6 types of workers and how their desks is supposed to look like. I honestly don’t know if they are what they claim to be for sure, but it’s always interesting to learn what some researchers can come up with.

So if you’re curious to find out what impression each type of worker gives, check out the infographic below! Here are the 6 categories:

  • The Minimalist
  • The Hoarder
  • The Documentarian
  • The Techie
  • The Sickie
  • The Zen Master

Click on infographic to enlarge

What your desk says about you infographic
Source: Marketo

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, we often judge people by the way they look or act, and we are not always accurate or partial in our judgments. We tend to apply what we see to the person who lives or works there, and we fail to take other factors into consideration.

We should always verify our facts before making up our minds about somebody. Everyone knows it’s not fair when people misjudge us, so we should think about that before doing the same thing to others.

On the other hand, there are some clues that don’t lie and red flags should be checked out too. The most important thing is to avoid judging others too quickly.

Over to you

According to this infographic, what type of worker are you? Do you think that we should judge people by their desks? Personally, I’m not sure I believe that the way we keep our desks reflects who we really are, but I’d like to know what you think. Please, feel free to share with us in the comment box below!



14 thoughts on “Discover What Your Desk Says About You (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  1. I love this Nataly! I think I”m a cross between the documentarian and zen master :). I can’t have a messy desk, it’s hard to concentrate when you have papers and other stuff all over the placce, been there done that my friend, hehe.

    Thanks for sharing this! Happy Tuesday!



    1. Hey Cori,

      Thanks, girl! I can’t have a messy desk either. Just like you said, it’s hard to concentrate when there are papers all over. I think that I’m probably a mix of the techie and the minimalist.

      I’m glad you liked it, gf! Hope you had a great Tuesday! 🙂



  2. Hey Nataly!

    I love this infographic! I find myself a bit of the Documentarian, as I love to have my pictures and awards surrounding me and the Techie. I have cell phone & charger, laptop & power pack, chromebook & charger, and tablet & charger very nearby. I also have an obsession with odd pens, notepads, notebooks, planners, and post-its. I not only do this with my desk at home but the one at my work office.

    Thanks for sharing this! TGIF!



    1. Hey Bren,

      Wow, you like a lot of stuff on your desk, gf. I would be curious to see what your desk looks like! LOL!

      I’m a Techie just like you, but I’m also a Minimalist because I don’t like a lot of stuff on my desk at work aside from my tech stuff. I can’t think clearly when there are too many things on my desk.

      I’m glad you liked the infographic, hun! TGIF! 🙂


  3. Hi, Nataly

    Love the infographic.!

    I can’t stand a messy desk. At least I clean up the desk at the end of the day. When I come in to work again, I don’t want to have a headache.

    I am a little of minimalist, documentarian, and techie..

    Thanks for the post!

    – Stella Chiu


    1. Hi Stella,

      I’m glad you liked the infographic!

      I can’t stand a messy desk either and that’s why I’m a minimalist. I also clean up my desk at the end of the day. I like everything in its place when I’m leaving.

      But I love having every gadget possible, so that’s why I’m a techie too. I don’t keep them on my desk, but I have my laptop, my phone, and the chargers handy.

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday! 🙂



  4. Hi Natly,

    Great infographic. I had to laugh – love the post. I think I’m like Bren, a documentarian. I have all my tablets, chargers, two different computers (LOL) all surrounding me. It’s weird because my general work area is messy in that I have all things within reach,, but my desk is clear with only a few items on it. Desktop computer and Monitor, stapler, tape dispenser, computer, a pad of paper and post it note container. But when I’m home I’m surrounded by a thousand things all of which I mean to do…LOL…post its all over the place.

    This past Sunday I actually decided to get organized and took all my post-its and wrote them down in one notebook and organized all the things I need to do so I can check them off. Working in a messy area means I never get anything done.

    Good stuff – great info.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m glad you liked the infographic! I also like to have everything I need within my reach like you said: stapler, tape dispenser, a pad of paper and tape corrector, but I keep them on the edge of the window near my desk, so they’re not on my desk. On my desk, I only have my computer and my agendas.

      That’s why I consider myself a minimalist. I always have my phone on me, and I like to have gadgets handy, so that’s why I’m also a techie.

      It’s great that you decided to get organized and write everything down in one notebook. It surely helps to know what you have to do and check them off one by one.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment! Have a great Thursday! 🙂



  5. Hey Nataly,

    I think I’m in a league of my own. Because none of the definitions exactly explain how I am I can’t really even combine a few of them.

    I am however very organized which means I do NOT have a messy desk and everything has it’s place. I don’t zen things out either but on my filing cabinet next to my desk I do have a plant, a few nick knacks, a fragrance, my water, etc. I do have my printer/scanner here also and I have a small space. I don’t overdo it in some areas and not others. I just like things neat and when I need to work on something I get it out. Once I’m done I put it back. My house is like that too. My friends call me annoying…

    Fun infographic though and I too probably judge someone by the look of their desk. I know for a fact it’s not always true but it’s hard to have a cluttered desk and there not be some of that in your own life ya know!

    Have a great week Nataly.



    1. Hey Adrienne,

      Sometimes it happens that we are so unique, we don’t belong in any categories mentioned! LOL!

      In many ways, we are very alike. I don’t like a messy desk either and I am also very organized when I work. I also put away things when I’m done with them.

      I’m sure you’re not annoying, you’re a very nice person, IMO! Thanks a lot for stopping by and have a great weekend! 🙂



  6. Hi Nataly,

    I’m a cross between a minimalist and a zen master. The reason I like minimalist is because I easily can get distracted. I need to have space around me and a keyboard in front of me to concentrate one thing at a time. Then the Zen comes in because I do like to have earth’s energy around me….a plant, a semi-precious stone, and an icon I can meditate to in between thoughts.

    Now, if I look across the office, my husband is a full fledged hoarder. Yuck! Sometimes if we are both working on a project together, he must come to my side of our office because if I sit by him my mind goes in circles.

    This was fun!



    1. Hi Donna,

      I can’t work either when there’s lots of stuff on my desk. I think better with space around me except for my computer or laptop and the things I need, just like you!

      It’s funny to see how we are completely different than the person we love in some areas. My husband and I are also different when we work. I like to put things away as soon as I’m done with them and he leaves them all out and put them away all at the same time only when he is done completely. Maybe it’s that yin-yang thing! LOL!

      Thanks a lot for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂



  7. I’m a hybrid of a stickie and zen. Awesome post here. Very interesting and I do agree that how we organize and work on our desks can say a lot about ourselves.

    I like having stickies so I can keep my goals and things to accomplish for the day right in front of me. That way, I won’t forget or skip anything. As for zen, I love just keeping the energy positive. I love having a few quotes where I can see them and put me in the zone.

    Thanks for sharing the info graphic. Great post!


    1. Hi PJ,

      I’m really glad you liked my post and the infographic! Yes, I have to agree with you, how we keep our desks says a lot about ourselves. I’m also using stickies as reminders.

      Thanks so much for stopping and for your comment. Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂



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