A Look Into The World Of All Things Kissing-Related (INFOGRAPHIC)

Valentine’s Day is only a week from now and what better topic to talk about than the art of kissing. People are going to do a lot of kissing next Sunday for V-Day, and I thought it would be fun to write about this once again. After all, it’s one of my favorite subjects! LOL!

My first post, Surprising Facts About The Science Of Kissing (VIDEO), talked about what happens to our bodies when we are kissing, which facial muscles are working and which hormones are involved as well as the origins of kissing. For this new post, I found other interesting facts about kissing.

The art of kissing

Did you know that couples who kiss more often are less likely to fight or argue? This is what William Cane, the author of The Art of Kissing, found, among many other things, when he interviewed over 100,000 people in 23 countries.

He discovered the entire truth about what men and women do, feel and think when they kiss. His international bestseller has been translated into 19 foreign languages. There are more than 250,000 copies in print all around the world.

Kissing is good for the marriage

My husband and I will be celebrating 25 years together and 24 years of marriage this year and let me tell you that we are still kissing just like when we first got together. Maybe we are the exception to the rule, but we argued a lot throughout the years because we are both very stubborn people.

We often laugh at the fact that we are both saying the same thing but in two different ways. Maybe it’s that yin-yang thing! Anyway, as often as we argue, we also kiss. But my husband and I are also both very affectionate people. That’s what keeps our marriage fresh and alive.

Whenever we leave the house alone, we never leave without giving the other one a kiss. We made a promise to each other when we first got together that we would always, over the years, continue giving each other little kisses, even without any reasons.

Often, married couples become so accustomed to each other that they forget to show each other affection, even for no special reasons. Couples have to show to the other one that they are still in love. Taking the other one for granted is a big mistake that many couples do.

The kissing infographic

To learn more about the art of kissing, the infographic below is exactly what you need. Created by the team at SimplyBridal, this infographic will keep you up to speed on all things kissing-related. Here is what you’ll find in it:

  • 5 interesting facts
  • 5 types of kisses
  • Love is in the air: V-Day traditions from all around the globe
  • The kissing etiquette: how to make sure your kisses are passionate rather than petrifying!

Personally, I didn’t even know there were that many different types of kisses. And I was very happy to learn that husbands who kiss their wives before going to work live up to 5 years longer.

Another thing I found interesting is to learn that in Japan, it’s the women who spoil their men for Valentine’s Day. Also, if you want to wow your lover with the perfect kiss, follow this kissing etiquette. So scroll down to discover more cool facts about the art of kissing.

Click on infographic to enlarge

The Kissing Etiquette [Infographic]
Source: Visualistan

Over to you

How did you like this infographic? Did you enjoy the V-Day traditions from all over the world? And what about the do’s and the don’ts of the kissing etiquette? I would also love to learn your plans for Valentine’s Day. Please, let me know what you think and what your plans are in the comment box below!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



4 thoughts on “A Look Into The World Of All Things Kissing-Related (INFOGRAPHIC)

Add yours

  1. Hey Nataly!

    I had to laugh at the “Don’ts”. Too much tongue or saliva? haha I love it! I too didn’t realize there were so many types of kisses. Eye flicker kisses? Umm no thanks. I prefer in the old fashion french or pecks thank you! Glad to hear you and your hubs still have a sexy relationship happening. So many times it gets so routine and the physical part, even kissing, goes by the way side.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Monday!



    1. Hey Bren,

      I thought the “Don’ts” were pretty funny too! To be honest, I never really analysed the way I kiss. It just happens naturally. I guess some people analysed it if they invented the kissing etiquette! LOL!

      Yeah, the hubs and I were always very affectionate and demonstrative with each other. It’s just like you said, we so often see couples settling into a routine and don’t show each other affection. That’s sad!

      I’m glad you liked my post, gf! Happy hump day! 🙂



  2. Hi Nataly,

    Maybe I’ve just gotten older I’m not so much into the kissing thing. Learned about germs and all and can’t even imagine having to find someone new and kissing them. I know, I’m probably much of a germaphobe, but can’t help it.

    The interesting facts however are very interesting. Didn’t know some of those things. Love, love, love the kissing etiquette and certainly that information should have been around when I was single. LOL!

    Great, great info and a good read.



    1. Hi Barbara,

      It’s true that when I think of all the germs going around, it would stop me from kissing too! Since I’ve been with the same man for almost 25 years, I guess I’m used to his germs! I probably developed some immunity against his germs. LOL!

      I’m glad you liked the infographic! I also would have liked to know about the kissing etiquette when I was single! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a great day! 🙂



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