Perfectionism: The Good, The Bad And How To Control It (INFOGRAPHIC)

I missed my weekly post last week because I decided to make some changes on my blog and it took a lot longer that I expected at first. You see, I’m a perfectionist! Everything has to be perfect. Otherwise, I am not satisfied, and as far back as I can remember, I have always been this way.

However, I made some progress over the years, and I worked really hard to achieve that. I’m not as obsessed with perfection as before, but I still exhibit some behaviors of a perfectionist once in a while. And that’s what happened to me last week. I had to finish the changes that I started.

What drove me to write about perfectionism

And that’s what drove me to write this post. I was looking for a topic for my next post, and I was thinking that if I hadn’t been so obsessed with finishing the modifications on my blog, I would have written my blog post on time. And that’s when it hit me, why not write a post about perfectionism?

This one hits very close to home, and I like to write about things that I experience or experienced. I find topics much easier to write about when you can relate to them. When it’s personal, you can include some of your experiences in the post.

What is perfectionism?

According to The Free Dictionary, the definition of perfectionism is this:

A personality trait manifested by the rejection of personal achievements falling short of perfection, often leading to distress and self-condemnation.”

This definition is quite discouraging, but it’s possible to change this definition for a much more positive one. Perfectionism isn’t all bad. There’s a good side to it that we can exploit to our advantage.

The good and the bad side of perfectionism

Unfortunately, nowadays perfectionism is often seen as a negative trait. It’s true that us perfectionists tend to obsess with doing a flawless job. It’s also true that it can be stressful as well as exhausting always to double and even triple check our work.

But being perfectionist doesn’t always lead to distress and self-condemnation. If used the right way, it can be empowering. Being a perfectionist is to be more efficient and to make fewer mistakes. And it’s also a good thing for others, for example, co-workers. You can definitely count on a perfectionist to do a flawless job.

Learning to accept that you cannot be perfect all the time

Learning to recognize that everybody makes mistakes can be beneficial for the perfectionist. When you make mistakes, you learn from them and grow as a person. You also learn that the world doesn’t end when you make mistakes and that people are much more understanding than you think. We’re so afraid to disappoint!

Furthermore, learning to accept to be flawed will lower your anxiety. Because let me tell you that trying to do a perfect job all the time can be very tiring as well as stressful. It can lead to chronic anxiety, depression and even OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

Perfectionism: is it a good or a bad thing?

When I decided to write about perfectionism, I just knew there would be a few infographics online about this. And I was right! I found the perfect (see my pun here?) infographic, created by the team at, that explains really well what is perfectionism.

This essay writing service company has put together some great information about being a perfectionist and how it has a good as well as a bad side. There’s even some advice on how to control this and change the way we think. Here is what you’ll discover on the infographic:

  • Perfectionism is a personality trait
  • What does it sound like?
  • Good side of perfectionism
  • Bad side of perfectionism
  • Types of perfectionism
  • How do you become a “healthy” perfectionism?

I’m sure that this infographic will help you understand better what it means to be a perfectionist. You’ll see that it’s not all bad and that a lot of good can come from being a perfectionist. And if you’re a perfectionist like me, you’ll see that you can learn to control it.

Perfectionism: Is It a Good Or a Bad Thing?
Courtesy of: EssayTigers

Final thoughts

When I was young, I had some very bad perfectionist behaviors. I could accept criticism, I blame myself for any mistakes I made, and I obsessed about those mistakes, even small ones. It took a long time before I changed my way of thinking.

When I was studying nursing about 10 years ago, I had some very tough love from a few of my teachers, and it changed me. I finally saw the light. Like I said earlier, I still exhibit some perfectionist behaviors, like last week, but mostly, I am much better at handling mistakes and criticism. The bottom line is that it’s possible to change the way we behave, with hard work and a lot of willpower.

Over to you

Are you a perfectionist? If you are, do you think it’s a bad or a good thing? Do you control it? Please, share your thoughts in the comment box below, I’d love to hear what you think!



19 thoughts on “Perfectionism: The Good, The Bad And How To Control It (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  1. Hey Nataly,

    This is such an important topic.
    I love that you used your own example to highlight how perfectionism can lead to inaction altogether (even though you were inspired by it after all of that).

    Awesome tie-in there.

    I know plenty of people who need things to be perfect before finalizing something, myself included.
    Sometimes these things never get done because perfectionism in and of itself isn’t absolute. It’s relative and always based on an opinion.

    But as your infographic pointed out, there are benefits to perfectionism. Wanting to do good work is always an asset. Without having this desire, we don’t strive to be our best (whatever that is at any given time). It’s great to feel pride in a job well done and it certainly encourages motivation and momentum when it comes to future projects.

    So I guess I’d have to say balance is the key.

    I know many people who could use this insight, so I’ll be sharing this.
    Thanks for putting this together Nat. Great job 🙂


    1. Hi Dana,

      I am very glad that you liked my post.

      I’m not surprised that you are a perfectionist because you do such a great job with your posts. They are very well written and it shows that you expect only a perfect job from yourself.

      I know that there are a lot of people who are like us. We can use perfectionism to our advantage and that’s why I decided to write this post, to inspire others who are perfectionists, but think that it’s a negative thing. But just like you said, balance is the key.

      Thanks so much for sharing my post, gf! Hope you had a great day! 🙂

      ~ Nataly


  2. Hey Nataly,

    Wow, this is one I can totally relate to. I’m like OCD and want everything perfect and in order…not that I get that all at all but I stress over stuff that isn’t just the way I want them. I was just telling Bren I fall under the “my website isn’t up yet because it’s not perfect.” I revamped my web design business and I’m having a hard time pushing it because of the domain name but I realized I need just need to do it. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this Nataly. This really opened my eyes to how bad I am :). Seeking help now, lol Have a great week!



    1. Hey Cori,

      I had a feeling you were like me! LOL! I also stress over things that are not the way I want them, even though I’m better than before. Imagine how bad I was! LOL! But I think that we can never be really satisfied with the work we do because we are eternal insecure.

      But the important thing is that you recognize it and are willing to change. And I know you can do it! But it’s not all bad, there are good sides to being a perfectionist too!

      Btw, I went to see your new web business design and I absolutely love it. And you new header on NNMB is awesome!

      I’m so happy you liked this, gf! Have a great Thursday! 🙂



  3. I was nodding my head throughout this entire post, Nataly! Perfectionism has been a life-long curse for me, too. ::P “Do something badly on purpose.” Say what?! No way could I ever do that. LOL Funny thing is, I actually don’t care what other people think, for the most part. It’s my own self that is exacting and hard to please. Thankfully, age and wisdom have relaxed those standards somewhat, but I still have to straighten pictures and centre objects. 🙂


    1. Hi Debbie,

      Welcome to the perfectionists club! LOL! Just like you, age and wisdom have a big part in being less of a perfectionist than I was before. When I was younger, I used to care about what others and myself were thinking of my work. Now, I don’t really care about what others are thinking, it’s just me I have to satisfy.

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thursday! 🙂



  4. Hi, Nataly

    Love the content and the special infographic.

    In my opinion, everyone has a little be perfectionism in his genes. Everybody wants to do a good job. Some people have higher degree of perfectionism than others.
    If a person has too much perfectionism in his dealings, things may not get done faster than it should be / He may cause irritation or resentment among his co-workers..

    I see too higher perfectionism may not be a good thing, I myself is the victim of perfectionism. As the result of wanting everything should be perfect, it caused the launching of my site to be delayed for half a year. It is not a good thing to do.

    Thanks for the post.

    Stella Chiu


    1. Hi Stella,

      Glad you liked the infographic and my post!

      I think you’re right, we all have some level of perfectionism. It just varies depending on the person. And I also tend to delay my work because I want it to be perfect. I dropped the launch of my French website because I can’t find the perfect name to go with it! Pitiful, no?

      Anyway, thanks for your comment. It’s always fun to see that we are not alone to be the way we are. Happy Thursday! 🙂



  5. Hi Nat!

    I know several “perfectionists” and although I like to be “perfect”, there isn’t any way I can possibly be perfect in someone’s eyes other than my own. We are human and will make mistakes. There will always be something that someone doesn’t like about us, the work we do, the way we live, etc. To obsess over perfectionism is so very unhealthy. The only one we need to be “perfect” for is ourselves. Once we learn that, the rest will all fall into place.

    Thanks for sharing this!



    1. Hey Bren,

      I’m glad that as I grew older, I am less concern with what other people think. When I obsess with something like what happened last week, I mainly do it for me. And just like you said, there will always be people who don’t like our work. Obsessing about this will only hurt ourselves and nobody else. That’s why it’s unhealthy.

      Thanks for stopping by, gf! Happy Thursday! 🙂



  6. Hello Nataly,

    Perfectionism is very important in life. Though I personally believe that before Perfectionism, execution is very important. For example we have many ideas and we want to make sure that the idea is perfectly executed. Because of that we do delay or never start the execution. This hampers the growth and productivity. So execution with perfectionism is important thats what I believe in. 🙂


    1. Hi Nikhil and welcome,

      Yes, perfectionism is very important in life, but we have to use it wisely. And I agree that obsessing about perfectionism delay and even sometimes abort the execution of a project. We have to reach a good balance between execution and perfectionism.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! Have a great Thursday! 🙂



  7. Hi Nat,

    Boy did this bring back some memories for me. I used to be such a perfectionist. It took me a while but then I got some great advice when I was falling behind with my biz with things back in the day. A successful businesswoman said to me that if the top businesses waited for perfection to complete something, they wouldn’t be where they are today. It hit home and I knew if I wanted to get things done I had to stop being such a perfectionist and just do my very best and keep going forward. For me……being a perfectionist was holding me back. I don’t think that is what happens with everyone but for me it was . Uggghhhhh!

    I loved the infographic and all the information that was included in it. I hope you are having a great week and cant wait to connect again.



    1. Hi Irish,

      It’s true that we have to put an end to the pursuit of perfection. Otherwise, we waste so much time that we don’t advance. And just like you said, as long as we do our very best, it should be enough. But for me, it’s been a constant struggle.

      I’m glad you liked the infographic, hun! Hope you’re having a great weekend! Talk to you soon! 🙂



  8. Infographic have really some interest facts. Nataly, You said right perfectionism is a personality trait.

    If you haven’t habit of perfectionism. you can’t be perfectionist. There is nothing wrong if you are not perfectionist. every individual is different from other. Everyone have something special trait.

    For Example : I’m curious about learning and passionate about trying new things in life.

    Everything is fine till your psychological behavior doesn’t get imbalanced 😀


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