Meet Hope And Faith, Our Adorable New Kitties

When my darling Myrka crossed the Rainbow Bridge last September, we didn’t know if we would adopt other pets. I loved her so much, and I wasn’t sure if I could love another dog as I loved her.

I thought that it wasn’t fair to adopt a dog and not give him or her all the affection they deserved.

To be completely honest, 6 months later I was still grieving. I considered sheltering elder dogs and cats for a while, but fate decided otherwise.

What happened at first

About 2 months ago, we received a call about a little female cat who was living on the streets with her 2 babies. She was really young, but nobody knew where she came from, how old she was, or what her name was.

We told the lady that we would take her and that we would find her a good family to take care of her.

The veterinary-owner of the clinic decided to bring the babies to Trois-Rivières, which is a city bigger than the one I live in. They got adopted right away.

So we kept the momma at the clinic, and I told the story to my husband when I got home.

Love at first sight

A few days later, my husband decided to come to the clinic to see the little girl. My co-worker and I had named her Hope. The vet believed that she was about 11 months old because of the babies’ age.

She was very small and looked even younger than she was. My colleague thought that she was a Bengal Mix.

As soon as my husband saw her, he fell in love and ask me if we could adopt her. I told him yes right away!

We still had my daughter’s cats at home, so we had to wait before bringing her home. She was very timid and skittish, so I didn’t want her to be even more traumatized than she was.

Hope when she arrived at the clinic!
Hope when she arrived at the clinic!

But the story wasn’t finished just yet!

About a week after Hope arrived at the clinic, a woman went to see us to ask us if we would know someone who would be interested in adopting her baby cat.

The woman explained to us that she was moving to an apartment building where pets weren’t allowed.

She didn’t know anyone who wanted to adopt the kitty. So we decided to take the baby in, and the woman brought her the next day. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted to adopt her.

She was a 5-month old female Orange Tabby, and she was absolutely adorable. My colleague suggested that we named her Faith and I agreed with her right away.

Affectionate and playful, Faith got immediately along with Hope which was a big relief for my husband and me!

Hope and Faith at the clinic!
Hope & Faith at the clinic!

The beginning of a great adventure

As soon as my daughter came to get her cats, we brought the girls home. It’s been 3 weeks that they are finally home and we couldn’t be happier. I’m pleased to announce that they both have adjusted splendidly!

They are both very affectionate and seem to be very comfortable in their new home. What’s hilarious is that Hope is more drawn to my husband and Faith is more drawn to me. She is always on my lap when I watch TV.

Hope & Faith a few days after arriving home!
Hope & Faith a few days after arriving home!

Final thoughts

Even though we still miss Myrka horribly, we are very happy to have adopted these adorable kitties. They liven up the house, and it’s always nice to be able to rescue animals in need.

So, what do you think of our two new kitties? Did you ever rescue pets? Was it dogs or cats? Please, share with us in the comment box below, I’d love to hear your stories!


4 thoughts on “Meet Hope And Faith, Our Adorable New Kitties

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  1. Aww… xoxox I’m so happy for you and your hubs AND for the lucky kitties! They are both gorgeous! Seeing you write about them makes me miss having a cat around. Unfortunately, with my two kids that isn’t possible right now. I know you have a heart of gold and lots of love to give. I’m sure those kitties will be spoiled rotten, IF they aren’t already. 🙂

    Happy Tails!



    1. Hey Bren,

      Thank so much for your kind words! They are both really cute, aren’t they? Faith (the orange Tabby) is sleeping beside me on the couch while I’m writing this comment. She’s always with me when I’m on the couch! And you’re right, we are already spoiling them rotten. Lots of toys and love! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, gf! Take care of yourself, hun!

      ~ Nataly


  2. I am so happy for you Nataly. You, your family and the new additions to your family.
    I know how you must still be missing Myrka and I can see why the idea of another dog right now might have been tough. This is such a great way to rescue lives while bringing a different energy into your home.

    A win/win scenario for all.
    Very inspiring post – and they are beautiful.


    1. Hey Dana,

      We really couldn’t bring another dog into your lives. That’s why we decided to get a cat instead and those two little girls arrived at the clinic exactly at the right time! They are really good kitties and rescuing pets is such a great thing!

      Thanks for your kind words, gf! Have a great weekend! 😊



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