Why I Really Need To Take Another Blogging Break

Some of you have probably noticed that I haven’t been writing as often as usual. And maybe you noticed that I haven’t been on social media as often as I used to. I’m here to explain to you what has been going on.

I’ve been juggling with the idea of a new blogging break for a few months now. I love to blog, but lately, fatigue has taken over my love of writing blog posts.

Once again, my inspiration has run dry. That’s why I had to face to facts and made the decision to take another blogging break.

When work take over

As many of you probably know, I work at a veterinary clinic, and since last Fall, work has been crazy. I work more hours than ever and the days are busier than ever. Often, when I come home, I feel so tired that I don’t even open my laptop.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my work at the clinic, I really do! But for now, I don’t have enough energy to work 4 to 5 days a week and write posts every week. Not even every other week!

Changing my social media and blogging habits

I decided 2 years ago to write a post twice a month instead of every week. It was perfect for a while, but since my hours at the clinic have increased, I can’t even meet this self-inflicted schedule.

I don’t go on Facebook as much as before, and I rarely go on Twitter now. Google+ and LinkedIn have become a distant memory. Even more so, I barely have the energy necessary to share my blogging friends’ blog posts.

Why I Really Need To Take Another Blogging Break ~ Myrka Street

Sometimes, you just have to face the music

A lot has happened in my life this past year, and it has taken its toll on me. My daughter’s 10-month trip, Myrka’s illness and passing, new kitties at home, and like I mentioned earlier, longer and more hours at the clinic.

I still want to write, but I need to recharge my batteries to regain the inspiration that I need to write again. I managed to deal with every situation that has presented to me but now, I really feel exhausted.

And since it’s been the 2nd time in a row that I skipped my bi-monthly post, I had to face to music. It was seriously time for another blogging break.

Don’t worry, I won’t forget you!

I don’t know yet how long I’ll be gone, probably a few months, but I’ll let you know via social media when I’m ready to come back to blogging.

I’ll still keep in touch on Facebook as well as visit blogs and comment from time to time. I don’t want to lose contact with my readers and cyber friends, but I definitely need to get away for a while.

No, don’t you worry! I won’t forget you, my friends! Your friendship and support mean a lot to me and I don’t want to lose them. I hope you will be willing and ready to read me when I get back. See you soon, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Why I Really Need To Take Another Blogging Break

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  1. I noticed, Nat and assumed you were dealing with a lot. It happens to us. We all need a break every now and again. Just please don’t totally dissppear. I will miss you! Take the time you need to gather your strength and inspiration. We’ll be here waiting. Love ya! Muwah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Bren!

      I thought you’d noticed! Don’t worry, I won’t disappear! I’d miss you too much!

      Thanks for your support and for waiting for me, my friend! And even though I’m not as present as usual, it doesn’t mean I’m not here for you if you need to talk! See you soon, hun! Love ya too! Muwah! 🙂


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